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Clarke Mosquito Control Virginia Team Page



Welcome to the Clarke Mosquito Control Virginia!
Please visit our corporate website for more information about Clarke Mosquito Control worldwide

Our website has been created to allow our staff the opportunity to learn about the diversity and life experiences of our team members. In the process we will pass on information about Clarke Mosquito Control Virginia.
You'll see photos that document our various adventures in the field in search of mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes. Many members of the Clarke staff will be featured.
There will be articles by our staff biologist Andrew Lima, selected field technicians, field inspectors, our field supervisors and, of course, the Operations Manager Patrick Patterson.
Please contact us if you have mosquito questions, questions about the team or Virginia Team events you would like to mention.
Patrick Patterson, Clarke Mosquito Control Virginia
All information must be approved by Patrick Patterson before being considered for the Team Virginia Web Site. 



Ed Silverman and Bill "Go"dipping and lookking for signs of mosquito larvae

August/ September 
Sterling, Virginia Office
Mosquito of the Month

Aedes vexans
They love the human blood!


Don't forget we now have an employee referral bonus. Ask your Supervisor or Operations Manager for details. 
Here is a part of what we can offer.
 We are now hiring for our full time seasonal mosquito control positions.
If you enjoy the great outdoors, are concerned about public health, a college student or senior adult this job is the one for you.
Be a part of our exciting team. We offer an excellent learning environment.
As a part of the Clarke Sterling Team you will have a part in protecting the public health. It's a fun and exciting place to work.

Have your referrals mention your name.
Call or e-mail:


First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Look here for additional information

405 Glenn Drive, Suite One
Sterling,VA 20164