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Ed's Thoughts

Clarke Mosquito Control Virginia Team Page

The larvae Ed searches for during his work day
Ed collects then sends the cache to Andy Lima's lab

Ed Silverman creating the master dipper

Larval dipping in Loudoun County, Virginia
Ed Silverman inspects the haul of mosquito larvae

Ed Silverman is a Field Inspector with the Clarke Mosquito Virginia team. He is the resident computer expert and a magician. Most work places have no magicians on staff. Clarke Virginia has two.

Hello and Welcome to Clarke Mosquito… this is Ed’s Thoughts from the Field




 Hello and welcome to Clarke Mosquito and Ed’s Thoughts from the Field.




     Ok, I have been lazy the past 2 weeks.  I have sat down in front of the computer and tried to start this and said, “It sounds like last weeks”, then I would log over to my online game and start playing.  But, I can’t put it off any longer.


     Here we go.  In the last 2 weeks I have seen foxes, snapping turtles, Red-winged Blackbirds, more hawks, a snake and more geese of all ages than I can count.  I started taking my camera to work with me and I have pictures of frogs and fish and flowers.  I sometimes find myself wishing I didn’t hate the sun so much (tanning is bad for you).  And I learned a very important lesson:  if you work outside and have a bald head…wear a hat!!!  I love the outdoors though.  I attend an event every year in Pennsylvania called Pennsic.  I camp out with about 11,000 other crazy folks and we try to recreate the middle ages.  My group camps in an area affectionately called “The Swamp”.  It has trees and cool air and the sun doesn’t reach a tent until about 9:30 am.  This is important because we drink a lot at Pennsic.  And we have drum circles at night.  And we…never mind.  Let’s just say we are up until almost sunrise anyway so, it is better to camp where the sun doesn’t hit your tent first thing in the morning.


     Speaking of the wildlife I found this week, I didn’t have to travel far afield to find an interesting specimen.  Under the deck of my home there is a fuzzy spider about the size of my palm.  Just my palm, not the palm and fingers.  I plan on trying to get a picture of him/her.  I hope he/she survives the storm that is raging outside right now.  If you are wondering why I haven’t described it, it’s because I only saw it long enough to see how big it was before it scrambled farther away.


     I think it is pretty ironic that I should find one of the best creatures I could imagine right under my feet so to speak.  But that is how life works.  One day this week go out into your yard and turn over a rock or small log.  Stay away from abandoned tarps and things that cover large areas they can harbor bees known as Yellow Jackets.  But try a rock or small log and see what lives underneath.  Watch an anthill.  You can probably find one in your front yard.  If none of these things appeal to you sit on your porch or balcony and watch birds.  You will probably be surprised by the number of species that live near you.


     Enjoy your weekend.

Click this link for habitat information of Ed's latest find and click the photo below to see what Ed has identified from the gravid traps of Patrick Patterson in Frederick County, Virginia.

Orthopodomyia signifera
Ed's Newest Find


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