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Achievements, Adventures and Observations

Clarke Mosquito Control Virginia Team Page

The Virginia monsoon season has apparently arrived three months late. Fourteen years ago when I moved to the "Old Dominion" from Rhode Island everyone said March will rain and the Shenandoah River will flood. I have noticed the past three years a climate change that has reduced March rain totals. This shift has moved wet weather further into late spring and summer before we fall into the annual drought period.
Our rain is coming down hard  with raindrops the size of eyeballs. Most of the creeks and runs are swollen. Several roads are now impassable, but if your are smart drivers will notice the signs telling them",Hey, don't go this way!"  A lot of people see the signs but assume they were put there for other drivers not themselves. Needless to say these brave souls discover quickly most vehicles are for land use only and the machines are not amphibious, although some float for awhile.
A large whip of thunder shook the windows just a moment ago. The rain  has no forecast quit in it until late tonight.
What this needed percipitation will bring us besides happy grass and trees will be increased mosquito activity. They will be out hatching from dormant egg rafts, metamorphisizing into wiggling and tumbling creatures.  Hungry females will be out in force looking for a good blood meal so they can lay eggs in the water that the Virginia monsoon has given us. 

Our personal Niagra Falls

Ben Tycz has packed it in for another year but threatens to return for next season.

Jonathan Murray has returned.


Ben Tycz has another successful mosquito tour

Jonathan Murray
Jonathan as Samuel L. Jackson until we get a new photo

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