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Clarke Mosquito Control Virginia "Team Friday "

Clarke Mosquito Control Virginia Team Page

"Team Friday" is the group that works, trains and sometimes plays together. A new location is chosen each week for "Team Friday" to descend upon with their dippers in search of mosquito larvae and pupae. Utilizing their "seven dipping techniques" the group will cover the area of stagnant ponds, marshy areas, drainage ditches and man-made containers locating the larvae, packaging and preparing them for travel back to the office for identification. 
   The group is lead by biologist Andrew Lima, Field Supervisor Lauren Wright with supporting teammates of Bill G., Ed (of Ed's Thoughts),  Mr.Bill, Laura and Robert.

Team Friday
The group prepares before the hunt

Team Friday
More relaxed, but focused before their adventure

Ed and Robert discuss techniques and the catch

As the mosquito season kicks into full speed "Team Friday" has evolved into "Team Everyday". Everyone has their projects throughout the area. "Doc" Silverman has graduated from field inspection into adult and larvae identification under the careful instruction of Andy Lima and Michael Boggs. John Trent has become a top performer in larviciding and field inspection along with Laura Bullock. Trevor Hanna crossed over from "mosquito novice" to Registered Pesticide Technician". Robert Herrera has kicked into high gear with conssitent improvement. Delia Canales is one again making the area safe with excellent larval control inspections and Bill Goderre continues his successful Clarke tenure for the third year.

Our target

Robert wearing the stylish and necessary yellow boots

Laura in the weeds

Field Supervisor Lauren Wright examining dipper

Lauren with her catch

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